I went to Upi Jaya, the place Mar recommended for authentic Indonesian food. It’s a family run restaurant on a quiet street. Maybe quiet, but has some character –as I saw a man in front of me on the sidewalk stopped to turn his head as a girl walked by. Then he gave lip smacking smooch as he stared at her behind. I wonder if that has ever worked.

I went with the Nasi Rames Ayam Gulai (Curry Chicken) $7.50. Nothing too fancy, but I feel like it’s like eating someone’s ethnic mother’s home-cooking. The decor even seemed like how someone’s mother would decorate –like what they think looks nice. And like someone’s mother, no alcohol, but you can have soda.

Upi Jaya – 76-04 Woodside Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373

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