I was curious about the line in the rain for the halal cart on the corner of 25th St and Lex (near Baruch College). This is all while there was no line at Baoguette. Do Baruch students have good taste in food? I usually see them hanging out at the Chinese/Tex-Mex restaurant and the frozen yogurt shop. Although the halal cart does smell really good every time I pass it going to Jimmy’s House.

I finally tried it. $5 for lamb or chicken or mix over rice platter. It felt rather light after being used to carrying those take out lunches from Jimmy’s. But the taste is solid. The meats were as flavorful as it smelled. Maybe Baruch students do have some taste. Does that mean I have to try the Chinese/Tex-Mex and yogurt shop now?

01 Lamb and Chicken Halal 25th and Lexington

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