I woke up bright and early and saw a lobster roll on the Thrillest.com. I went back to sleep and dreamt about getting this sandwich, which I forgot to order because I was making a prosciutto sandwich right in their restaurant and my dad was driving me in a van and was peeling out and doing donuts like a Penny Racer. Anyway, I woke up in time to get there when the restaurant opened.

Lobster rolls at $8small/$14large is a pretty good deal from what I know. They give you a pretty good amount of fresh tasting lobster in the large.

I chose the Lunch Box special – large 14oz Lobster Roll, 1 Empress Crab Claw, Miss Vickie’s Chips and a Maine Root soda (I chose Sarsaparilla) – $19.60 after tax. It seems like their going for the simple approach – little use of mayo and seasoning so perhaps you taste the lobster more. The only problem is that I don’t think lobster taste like much without seasoning or mayo. Same thing with the Empress Crab Claw, pretty bland. It all tasted fresh, but I could’ve used some hot sauce, melted butter, more mayo or fancy sauce. Time to go back to bed.

Luke’s Lobster – 93 E 7th St (btw 1st Ave and Ave A) New York, NY 10009

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  1. nini

    If you’d like your money’s worth and find yourself in redhook at fairway… their lobster roll (comes in a hotdog bun, hefty lobster meat, chips and a pickle) is a great deal. 10 bucks last time I was there. Also you can hit up the vendors by the park for tasty mexican treats.
    p.s. I love your blog

    • admin

      Ooh, thanks Nini. Also I do gotta hit Redhook soon for the vendors while it’s too late.


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