Sirtaj Indian restaurant is by no means fancy. You order at the cash register, you pick up at the cash register, the food is served on cheap styrofoam plates on orange cafeteria trays, the water in tiny plastic cups that you serve yourself from the brown water cooler that you’d use for little league and youth soccer. I got the 1 meat, 1 veg combo to go for $7.50 (after tax) –lamb korma and saag paneer. As you can see, the food doesn’t look fancy …but it was pretty darn tasty.

For some reason, I kept spilling it all over my work clothes. It looked like a baby barfed and shat all over me …or maybe it made me look like the baby.

Sirtaj Indo-Pak Cuisine Inc – 36 W 26th St (Btwn Bway & 6th Ave) New York 10010
01 Lamb Korma and Saag Paneer - Sirtaj Indian

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