We played a show with our friend Rig 1 at Bushwick Music Studios down the street from us. They have live shows and I saw Junior grilling jerk chicken right outside once again. The last time at the McKibben Block Party, he ran out of the chicken when I got back. This time Junior gave me a breast and it was great. Nice burn on my lips and unlike most jerk chicken I’ve tried, it was flavorful throughout and not just on the skin. I mentioned this and he says it’s very common for Caribbean restaurants to not have as flavorful food because a lot of their chefs are vegetarian, so they wouldn’t really know how it taste. It’s best to eat food from someone that is making it for himself like he is with the jerk chicken. I’m not sure where all the chicken went because I don’t think anyone was eating. Maybe he was cooking two big trays of meat all for himself? By the way Junior’s secret is Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. He swears by it.

Dan brought some Hostess treats to the show -Twinkies, Zingers and Cupcakes. He noticed how much heavier the Zingers were compared to the Twinkies that were about the same size. There’s probably a lot more moistness in those Zingers.

Rig 1 was the lyrical master and this other band Count Numbers was amazing. They’re like a Mexican fiesta with a vibraphone mixed with Indie Shoegaze. Brilliant. I want to sign them.

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