I’ve been craving Mongolian Beef, a dish my dad used to cook for me way back whenever I visit my parent’s Chinese restaurant in Orlando –more in my late teenage years. It was similar to pepper steak, but much more spicy and sweet. It made me really think about the combination of sweet and spicy, as well as my cousin Jose’s spaghetti (where he’d add fresh vegetables, Texas Pete’s or Red Devil style hot sauce and sugar baked over noodles). The heat feels like it’s opening up your taste buds to the sweet flavors, similar to how eating a mint can make drinking a soda feel so refreshing like a winter breeze in your mouth…they work in harmony. Sweet & spicy is a combination I’d loved to see more in dishes.

I searched Menupages for places that serve Mongolian Beef and went with the nearby Family Garden Chinese fast food, possibly hoping that was a sign with “family” in the name. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. Not spicy enough, not sweet enough and too salty. I’m not giving up on my search. If you have a lead on some good spicy & sweet Mongolian Beef, let me know. Thanks!

Family Garden – 636 Metropolitan Ave (btw Lorimer & Leonard St) Brooklyn 11211
01 Mongolian Beef - Family Garden Chinese Restaurant

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