Secret boat party or not-so-secret crowded boat party? They don’t tell you where it is. So you get on a shuttle van that takes you to the boat. I thought they were going to blindfold us. We got there on the early side. It was quite pleasant to hang out drinking a beer on the deck floating on shallow smelling water amongst the industrial warehouses and the polluted night sky glow. It had a surreal feel to it.

I bought a homemade cheese tamale on the ship with some green chili sauce. Well done for being on an old ferry boat. Some guy walked up to me later and covertly asked me if I wanted to buy a tamale. I told him I just had one. I was wondering why he was so quiet about it and why he called it molly for short.

The bass from the dance music on the 2nd level resonated the boat so much, I really felt like I couldn’t control my bowels. I think they hit the brown note. I was scared.

I ran into some friends, one of which was actually performing this night with his band, Clinical Trials. Pretty cool. And as I look up this party right now, I see Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto) performed too. Dang, I wish I knew. I must’ve been on the dance floor at that time, figuring I could get away from the brown note by being closer to the music.

I had half of Todd’s cheeseburger from the grill. Surprisingly it wasn’t from the freezer, but hand pattied seasoned with onions. Most things usually taste good after a few drinks, but this burger was juicy.

Video of Miho Hatori playing on the boat. Some guy dances up on her around 2:30 and she punches him.

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  1. aka47

    Miho’s set was short, this was apparently the 2nd time she’s been on the boat. You didn’t miss much because the sound system sucked. I wish she had performed in the lower deck. And what’s up with that nerdy hipster trying to grind on her. If you can’t grind hips, don’t interrupt other people’s performance to embarrass yourself. It’seems BK is just getting invaded by losers who don’t appreciate talent, and skill. Everything is a big inside joke.
    Cool party nevertheless.

  2. Somer / Clinical Trials

    I was also pretty impressed with the tamales…in retrospect, had I known about the burgers, I might have avoided the ravenous hunger that set in around 3 am when I considered taking a bite out of Santa’s dirty leg. And by the way, go Miho! I only wish I had also had the opportunity to punch a clueless hipster.


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