I was wondering if it works. I don’t think so. I did it, so you don’t have to.
spaghetti fried egg

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  1. Su-Lin

    I remember seeing another fried egg on spaghetti dish on another food blog and it looked so good! There was no tomato sauce and it was purely the fried egg all mashed up and yolk flowing that coated the spaghetti.

    I like the fried garlic on yours though!

  2. Syd

    Oh, come on. No post mortem? I want to see the grisly part…after that yolk runs throughout the dish.

  3. chinolam

    @Su-Lin… ah yeah, I just saw something like that on that NBC cooking reality show the other night. Pasta Carbonara? But I think the guy had more of just the yolk. I remember when I visited Hong Kong/China, they have tomato or beef sauce with a raw egg on top.

    @Syd… oh yeah, that would have looked awesome. I don’t know if I’d be fast enough to catch it. I’m pretty slow photographer!


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