Rusty and I played a couple of Justice of the Unicorns songs for the Variety Shac show at Cameo Gallery. It’s connected to the Lovin’ Cup Cafe where happy hour has $1 wings! Not a wing for a dollar, but a plate of five for a dollar. The sauce was spicy and delicious. Big bang for your buck.

The show was fun. Shonali & Andrea with guests Matt Higgins, Brett Gelman (the little bit of luck guy in the NY lottery commercials), and Leo Allen. Rusty found a big fake rat on the street. He tried to prank Shonali and I got it on video, hoping Arsenio Hall will think it is one of World’s Funniest Moments. I met Ed Helms, star of the number one movie in America, The Hangover. I was pretty drunk and I think I freaked him out. I went on and on about how funny the trailer looks, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. And I mentioned how I just went to Vegas so I feel like I can relate. He asked what was my favorite part of Vegas. I said In-N-Out Burger. And he said “Well that’s not Vegas-specific.” Then awkward silence. It’s fitting that I woke up with a hangover.

The Lovin’ Cup Cafe – 93 N. 6th St. Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Giving new meaning to a Ratt Pedal.

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  1. Shonali

    Yeah, I overheard your conversation with Ed Helms and yes, there was complete silence after you finished. Pretty funny! I was wondering if you would remember it.

  2. chinolam

    @Rhoda… Yeah! thanks for coming.

    @Shonali… You know I’m listening to Pandora and it’s always fitting whatever I’m doing at the moment. Like now is the T.I./Rhianna song which is in The Hangover trailer.

  3. antonia

    well, at least you knew who ed helms is. i didn’t. i just thought he was “ed” a cool guy who showed up for tater tots.


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