Domino’s Pizza now has the new Bread Bowl Pasta. It’s pasta in a bread bowl, duh. Carb on carb, so I got the Chicken Carbonara. The actual product looks flatter than the ads. You can say it falls a little flat. Bhahahaahwwaaaaa. Basically it’s like a pizza with some pasta on it.

There’s a lot of negative comments just on the idea of the Bread Bowl Pasta. But I think it’s awesome. When I was little, I invented the Spaghetti Sandwich –spaghetti and meatballs between garlic bread.  I also created the Tator Tot Po’ Boy.

Dominos – $1 off ordering online …One bad thing is that I didn’t know where I was picking it up until after I ordered. Had to walk 30mins. And then some old man wanted to punch the Domino’s employee in the face because he didn’t want to make change for his parking meter.

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  1. admin

    @Jakie&hearts …it was very dense with the penne pasta. I would have liked to try this with linguine or spaghetti. I’m sure they’ve test kitchened it. It probably doesn’t hold up in the oven …but why not put it on after?

  2. valeria - yes I am Italian !!!

    This pasta-filled (:O) bowl has two days’ worth of fat and 3,000 calories of carbohydrates! This has nothing to do with the real pasta… please love yourselves and eat real food !!!


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