Yippee. I finally get to try the hype …and that’s all it was. Harsh I know. But I’ve heard so many good things about Sripraphai (the most authentic Thai you can get in NYC) and the only differences I noticed from the Manhattan/Brooklyn Thai is more fish oil and less techno music. At least I was with Ramen and Friends and we got to try a lot of dishes –for that I’m grateful. Maybe I’m just bitter because I don’t know how to pronounce Sirprifiphi. Dang I can’t even spell it.

Then we walked to Jackson Heights for some Indian sweets. I thought eating the foil topping was neat and the spicy cashews tasted like egg farts. Dang I’m bitter.

I was just thinking how I’m going to write this post since I’ve never really written a negative one yet. Then a Simpsons episode came on where a happy go-lucky travel reporter goes to Springfield and it was his first bad review. Then Seinfeld came on next and Jerry got mad that his parents sent him a check for $50 –this right after I got mad that my parents sent me a check too. What is my 42″ plasma trying to tell me? …Jerry, your parents have all good intentions doing what they think is in your best interest. Suck it up, Jerry. And say thank you.

Sripraphai – 64-13 39th Ave., Queens, NY 11377
Maharaja Quality Sweets & Snacks – 92-73 37th Ave, Queens, NY 1137
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