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Doritos Locos Tacos (Taco Bell)

Sam brought these Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos, the chip based on the Taco Bell Doritos Locos tacos based on the Doritos chip. There were Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch versions. Each bag had a mix of two chips –Nacho Cheese and the Locos Tacos chip or Cool Ranch and the Locos Tacos chip.

I don’t think we understood when we first ate it. Some of us were like it taste like regular Doritos. Some of us thought it tasted like taco meat. You can tell which one’s which by seeing how much seasoning is on it. But honestly, I couldn’t tell the different that much anyway. Maybe the seasoning got mixed around in the bag onto other chips.

I thought it tasted almost like a plain taco shell with a little bit of Doritos seasoning. So kind of like a less flavorful Doritos. Weird. But I bet it’ll taste great with some taco meat on it.


Tio Wally Eats America: Cheap Tacos

I’m happy to have Tio Wally (long-time Me So Hungry reader) aboard to send in his eating adventures from across America. Here he is in Casa Grande, Arizona.

If you sail the Interstates for a living, eating fast food is an inevitability. Eventually you will be tired enough or hungry enough or it will be the only thing available or whatever. It’s going to happen. While I avoid fast food as much as possible, sometimes there are actually good things to be had, occasionally at a reasonable price.

Here are two more examples (though one of them is not necessarily very good):

The crew of the SS Me So Hungry was wanting tacos. But not just any tacos: Cheap Tacos. And we found them here in Big House, Arizona.

First we went to Jack in the Box® and bought four of its weird ass versions of Cheap Tacos (Two for $1). And these things are weird. Frankly, I’m of the opinion that, with the exception of Seasoned Curly Fries, the only things remotely edible from Chez Jacque dans la Boîte are the Tacos.

The meat is the consistency of pablum, and any part of the taco shell that isn’t touching the filling is harder than quartz; fossils are softer. I always end up tearing off this part of the shell, usually tossing it out the window to consternate any Seagulls, Crows or Great-tailed Grackles that may happen by with a desire to break their beaks. I was once tempted to whack one of the throwaway portions of the shell with my hammer but I didn’t want to shatter a perfectly good metal tool. Still, I like these curious little things occasionally, yet I have no idea why.

For years I’d been repeating an urban legend, swearing up and down that there was no meat in a Jack in the Box taco. Judging by the taste, look and texture I was convinced that the mystery paste in the tacos was merely another miracle soy product.

The official description says the tacos contain: beef, American cheese (they neglected to put in the generous half-slice of this time), lettuce and taco sauce. However the meat does contain soy and/or wheat filler. But there you have it, straight from the overly large globe-head of Jack himself: It is beef … kinda.

So now you can forget about this little gem that I thought might explain the unique
taste of the Jack in the Box Taco (from Wikipedia): “In 1981, horse meat labeled as beef was discovered at a Foodmaker plant that supplied hamburger and taco meat to Jack in the Box. The meat was originally from Profreeze of Australia, and during their checks on location, the food inspectors discovered other shipments destined for the United States which included kangaroo meat.”

Because the whole world has (no doubt) been waiting with bated breath since the company’s founding in 1951, Jack in the Box has now introduced its first ever Munchie Mobile™ food truck in Southern California. The boxy, brightly painted run-of-the-mill catering truck with “My other truck is a restaurant” emblazoned on its side will never give the ultra-cool Oscar Mayer Weinermobile™ any competition in a design contest. But now Jack can bring its inimitable versions of incredibly crappy food right to your door. Hallelujah!

Next we purchased four tacos (49¢ each) from Del Taco, another chain located mostly in the west.

Del Taco is very similar Taco Bell with two major differences: Del Taco is not grossly overpriced — at many Del Tacos regular tacos are only 39¢ — and the food is actually pretty good.

Whenever I go to a Del Taco I have a routine: I order the tacos with onion (which they add for free) and then — and this is important — I have them put the cheese on first. This accomplishes a couple of things.

First, you get a lot more cheese on the taco and, with the meat laid on top of it, the cheese melts a little bit. But you really have to make a point of it to get this done. You see, the taco-building station is set up exactly the opposite of this order and the poor Taco Assemblers run largely on autopilot. Sometimes they’ll be so confused by my request that I have to dictate how to build the taco: cheese, meat, onion and lettuce, in that order.

You’ve really got to make it clear to them what you want — I’ve even had to explain it to them in Spanish — but they’ll do it. The end result is that you end up with a pretty good taco for four bits (or less).

Del Taco also has some other pretty good, reasonably priced stuff. Its Breakfast Burritos and the Spicy Grilled Chicken Burritos are both pretty good. But to be honest, I usually get the tacos because, well, they’re cheap tacos.

And so we roll.

Jack in the Box, 2,200 locations in 21 (mostly western) states
Del Taco, 526+ locations in 17 (mostly western) states

Tio Wally pilots the 75-foot, 40-ton(max) land yacht SS Me So Hungry. He reports on road food from around the country whenever parking and InterTube connections permit.

El Comal Deli and Grill

I got a comment here the other day from Evan:

Hey. You need to go to El Comal on Orient and Metropolitan. Seriously. Amazing. Mexican Food cooked to order in the back. So cheap. Also, they need our business. I don’t want them to go away. Been there two months and I don’t see a lot of people. We need more food in the Orient, maspeth, olive triangle. Support the hood! Get people going there.

I’ve seen this place. I thought it was just a regular bodega. It was shortly a 99cent store pretty recently.

I told Todd about this and he went there yesterday. He confirmed that the tacos are good.

I went here today with Rusty and Dave Dondero. The bodega is large. Spacious, but not a whole lot of products. They have steam tray tables meant for some kind of buffet, but they are empty. There’s a shelf of tortilla shells, cheese, salsas and raw meat you can buy to make tacos at home. And then the grill is in the back.

They make all sorts of things, Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, sopes, tortas) to breakfasts platters and sandwiches.

I ordered three tacos for myself ($2.50 each). I got a carne asada (beef), carnitas (pork) and lengua (tongue). They all came out looking the same, but did taste different. I think what was the carne asada was the best. But all really good. Very authentic Mexican style tacos.

If only this place sold beer and stayed open later. I’ll be back.

El Comal Deli and Grill – 817 Metropolitan (between Bushwick Ave/Woodpoint and Orient), Brooklyn NY 11121

Habana Outpost Tacos & BAM Rooftop Films

The night started off when I was invited to BAM Rooftop Films to foodblog a car –Carpingo, a new rental service (similar to Zipcar) coming to New York later this month. The outdoor film was The Comedy, starring Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric. Interestingly, the movie is so dark and sad.

I didn’t want to take anyone’s seat since I didn’t pay, so they ended up throwing me into the FIAT Carpingo car with sushi and wine. It was like a drive-thru, where I was the only car parked behind several hundred people. At one point the headlights flashed on and I didn’t know what to do. I panicked, but then it turned off. I kept imagining what if the car started to drift. It’s been so long since I’ve driven, I couldn’t remember which pedal was the brake. I figured I had a 50/50 chance of saving everyone’s lives or plowing them over. Luckily, it didn’t happen. But being behind the wheel really made me want to start driving again.

Carpingo is giving out free memberships with driving credit if you Text “Carpingo” to 90210.

I didn’t know about this Rooftop Film screening until that day and it sounded interesting, so I ran solo. But it turned out a lot of my friends were there. It was good running into them. I even ran into my ex in the bathroom line …so it was a little embarrassing how long I took in the Porta-Potty. I could hear two people go in and out in the one next to me. I swear I was just peeing.

Then I went with my friends around the corner to Cafe Habana Outpost for tacos and drinks. This place is awesome. It has a large outdoor patio. Perfect night for that. Draft beer is only $2.75!

Tory and I got four tacos to split. Our order was called up with another girl’s. The whole time I thought she was part of our group of friends. Dang, she must have been really confused why some weirdo wanted to take a photo with her and her food.

We really liked the catfish and pork tacos vs the chicken and steak. Maybe only because the latter ones were cold. I had a good time at Habana Outpost. I even ran into more friends there. It was crazy.

Habana Outpost – 757 Fulton St (btwn Oxford St & Portland Ave) Brooklyn, NY 1121

Calexico Greenpoint

We started off with Jell-O shots at Capri Social Club, a cool Polish bar in Greenpoint. Then Anthony and I split off to eat some food at Calexico. That place is bumpin. The wait was going to be a while, but we just happened to be right behind two girls that were leaving the bar. Or I had impression that they thought we were hovering so we could grab their seats. It worked.

We started of with some creamy guacamole, which was really good. Anthony got a fish and pork taco. I got the Chipotle Pork Torta sandwich. Really good drunk food. I woofed it down.

I was so messy that I was surprised the girl next to me didn’t care that my food was so close to her jean jacket on the bar. I asked her about it, but she said it wasn’t hers and apologized for some reason. I think it belonged to the girls before. I might’ve gotten sauce on it.

Calexico – 645 Manhattan Ave (btwn Bedford & Norman Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos in NYC

They recently opened up a Wahoo’s (the west coast fish taco chain) in Manhattan. The first couple of weeks, it was packed full of people in business suits. It’s calmed down a bit since, but still a good crowd. Sam and I were able to get a table pretty easily.

You order at the counter. But if you dine in, they bring it to you on real plates and silverware. The tacos look pretty good on real plates.

Tacos are $2.99. I got the combo (2 tacos with rice and beans) for $7.99 …a fish and a pork. I also ordered a Wahoo’s Green Sauce ($0.69).

The first bite was pretty good. Then I don’t know what happened. Everything was kinda dry and bland. At least it was saved by that tasty Green Sauce (think Sophie’s style green sauce). I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. I’ll probably just come back to buy the Green Sauce (12 oz for $2.69).

Wahoo’s – 333 Park Ave S (btwn 24th & 25th St) New York, NY 10010

Dining with Dondero: Izzoz Tacos (Austin, TX)

American singer-songwriter, David Dondero, is reporting in his meals from his current tour. He’s living my dream of playing music and eating on the road. Here’s Dave at Izzoz Tacos in Austin, Texas.

Austin, TX is one of my favorite towns on this planet to eat.   Breakfast tacos are very popular and can be found pretty much anywhere around the city.  In the past several years the food trailer trend has taken off like so many other places around the country.  On South 1st, my favorite trailer had recently moved to a new location.  They always blast terrible alternative modern rock like Puddle of Mud or some other similar shit.  They have the best tacos though so it’s worth suffering through their horrible musical taste.  Even better than Torchies.

They have a taco called the Bac Spin.  It’s scrambled eggs, bacon bits and spinach on a flour tortilla.  Their salsa is really distinctive with a more smokey flavor.  The price is cheap.  One taco fills me up for $2.25.  Their queso is also great.  That’s only if i’m really hungry.

I ordered the bac spin again and sat underneath a shade tree in the 105 degree heat.  This time i ordered 2 of them and was only able to finish 1 and a half.  I like Topo Chico sparkling Mexican mineral water to wash it down.  A nice way to start the day.  I wait at least 30 minutes before diving into Barton Springs.

Izzoz Tacos – 1503 S 1st St. Austin, TX 78704

David Dondero is one of the hardest working touring folk singers in America. Once named one of the Best Living Songwriters by NPR, alongside Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Paul McCartney. It’s a privilege to have him part of Me So Hungry.

Dokebi Korean Bar & Grill

Met up with Todd and Elissa at Dokebi Bar & Grill, hoping they were serving brunch, because it sounds interesting –Hot Stone Pork & Grits, KimChee Fried Rice Omelet… But no luck. We got lunch specials –Korean Tacos, Cold Soba and myself, the Beef Brisket Stew …which was alright, but maybe shouldn’t have gotten hot spicy stew on such a hot steamy day. One day I will have a Korean Taco myself and see why people stand in long lines.

I got a Taiwan Beer and like the look of the can. I haven’t had a can with such a small hole (or regular size hole) in a long time. It’s all about the wide lip or Vortex these days …maximizing optimal refreshment.

I suppose Dokebi is decent Korean for Williamsburg …what you’d expect. I’d try to go for brunch.

Dokebi Bar & Grill – 199 Grand St (btwn Bedford Ave & N 1st St) Brooklyn, NY 11211