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Cheburechnaya’s Lamb Testicles, Heart and Fried Beef Brains

Yoshie’s Ramen and Friends adventure took us to Cheburechnaya (Kosher Russian) in Rego Park, Queens. This is where we ate Lamb Testicles, Heart and Fried Beef Brains…

It was pretty confusing ordering these. I couldn’t tell how many came in an order. We almost got five orders of Testicles, which would have been 25 balls. That would have been too way many balls. We just got one.

They had other stuff too …like this huge bowl shaped bread, called Noni Toki. It was almost like matzoh. Their Uzbeki style bread was good for the Hummus and Babaganoush.

They served many different types of Chebureki and Samcy patties. We had the ones with pumpkin and ribs. There were real ribs with bones. I liked those a lot.

I recommend the Whole Grilled Chicken. That was really good for sounding so tame (unlike the testicles). I would have been interested in the Lamb Fat and Veal Sweetbread Shish Kebabs if we were to order more.

Really cool restaurant. I enjoyed pretty much everything, even the balls. They even played Sade via Youtube on the TVs the whole night.

Cheburechnaya – 9209 63rd Dr. Rego Park, NY 11374
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Eating Lamb Testicles

I ate Lamb Testicles with Ramen and Friends …along with Fried Beef Brains and Lamb Heart. This restaurant serves other things too.

Here’s the post of other stuff we ate.

Nasha Rasha Russian Restaurant

Sam took me out to lunch because I won a sports bet. We went to a relatively new Russian restaurant in our work area –Nasha Rasha. From the outside, I thought it was a little too intimidating for a lunch spot. But on the inside, it’s sorta kitschy with neon red communist signs, walls of vodka and cute waitresses in folk uniforms.

They also have a decent sounding lunch Prix Fixe for $15, which turned out to be pretty awesome. Came with soup, salad, drink and entree. The Borsch beet soup was great. Olivier Salad (famous russian salad of potatoes, vegetables & bologna& mayonnaise) was decent potato salad. The drinks were awesome. Sam had the Kompot and I had the Uzvar. Both fruit drinks. Both delicious. I haven’t drank fruit drinks since Hi-C.

Then the waitress brought out our dumpling entrees with these big Russian dolls on top. I didn’t know what was going on when they came out. Cool presentation. I recommend the Pelmeni over the Vareniki. The meat texture was better. Vareniki filling was cat food like. I ate it all because it tasted good with the melted butter at the bottom of the bowl and sour cream. Maybe I like cat food.

Very filling all in all. I’m glad I won. The bill came in a neat box.

I’m trying to think of a good way to finish this post off. All I can I think of is that time Rusty and I let some Russian girls stay over because they Myspaced our band page. Now that I look at that old post, I guess it was a little racist. But it’s probably fine. They locked Rusty out of his room.

Nasha Rasha Russian Restaurant & Vodka Bar – 4 W 19th St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave) New York 10011

Big Sausage Roll @ Cafe Minutka

Well I don’t know if this place is really called Cafe Minutka, because of all the Russian letters. But that’s what it says when I Google the address. This was in Brighton Beach after our lunch at Elza Fancy Food …right next to the train stop.

They had a sidewalk sale where I bought this big sausage roll for $2. I didn’t realize there was a big sausage in there, I thought it was part of the braided bread.

Took it back to the city to eat while watching Tebow. It was like a smoked kielbasa wrapped in a buttery croissant roll. Pretty good. Really filling. Big sausage.

Brighton Beach is pretty cool.  Their liquor stores have bottles shaped like rifles, stallions and veggie penises. They also have their own Best Buy.

Cafe Minutka – 504 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235

Russian Restaurant in Wall Street Bath & Spa88

Last night, I went to see Asobi Seksu and The Radio Dept. play at the South Street Seaport. There was a Maker’s Mark vending machine that I tried to put money into, but instead a photographer took a picture of me looking confused and stupid. So I got a large cheap styrofoam cup of beer at Simply Seafood (3rd floor the mall food court). $4.16 plus tax for 32oz of Bud and Light. $6 for fancier beers. Best deal to beer up during a concert there.

On my second large beer, I started to get drunk hungry and called Rusty to start cooking me some turkey burgers. But when I got off the phone, I saw a sign for Russian food at a Russian bath house and spa and a super hot Russian girl walking out. So I walked in. I had to walk up down, around and up to get to the restaurant. I passed rich Russian men hanging out in white robes in the lounge. The restaurant was small and empty. A flat-screen TV with Vladimir Putin on it …later a late night variety talk show where there were girls with big boobs and fake lips.

I ordered the Siberian Pelmini “Moscow Style” ($13.95) and a seltzer. The Moscow Style means the dumplings are fried with cheese, cream and mushrooms. Awesome. They were delicious. Crispy dumplings and the bread on the side was good to soak up that cheesy cream sauce.

The super hot Russian girl walked back in. I think she was fighting with my waitress or maybe just talking really loud. She seemed to work there.

On my way out, I went to pee, but someone was in the restroom for a long time. When he finally came out, he saw me and went back into the restroom and locked it. After ten seconds he came back out and we both smiled at each other. I don’t know why he did that, but it the toilet was safe.

They have a good lunch deal –soup, salad and main course for $11.95. I would definitely hit that if I worked in the area. My pelmini dumplings were surprisingly good and quick to come out.

Wall Street Bath & Spa88 – 88 Fulton St (btwn Gold St & William St) New York, NY 10038

Tatiana Russian Restaurant – Brighton Beach

Walking to Brighton Beach along the boardwalk for some outdoor Russian dining has been a tradition for me after Siren. This time I went with my half-Russian friend Todd and in search of Tatiana. He told me Jason Schwartzman went there on Bored to Death and it looked exciting. I’ve only been to the two restaurants next to Tatiana, which is Tatiana Grill and Cafe Volna. I’ve always had a good time at those places and one of them has the whole indoor floor as a litted aquarium.

So as Todd went to the bathroom and I asked for an outdoor table, they told me to sit anywhere. There were plenty of tables and I went to the first one. The table was big and a waiter told me I couldn’t sit there. Then he asked a waitress where I can sit and she said “I don’t know. Over there!” So I walked to the other side and picked the smallest table. Another waiter came by and said I couldn’t sit there. I said I have two and just tell me where to sit. He said there’s a $15 minimum per person. I said no problem. He looked around and sat me at the table next to it. It was the exact same size table, minus a chair. Todd came back and said he asked if we can sit inside and they gave him a look like we didn’t belong.

I had Todd order for us. Pelmeni and potato Vereniki dumplings and Kupaty sausages. Yeah, they were good. I just couldn’t figure out how this all amounted close to $80 after tip with a beer each. And now I see that they already charged us a service charge on the bill and then ask for a tip on the credit card slip. Tricky. We did wait forever for our waiter to pick up the check. I almost felt like now they didn’t want us to leave. When the waiter did finally come by, Todd said “come on…” and the waiter who was three times his size looked at him. I thought there was going to be an ass beating.

Now that we’re back and I read this reader review on NYMag and watched that episode of Bored to Death, apparently service is supposed to be that way for gringos. Why the hell did Todd want to go there? Maybe for the nightclub show inside. We could see through the window. It looked like a euro-trash dance club. I can’t believe we were not welcomed? Now I know what it feels like to be black …at a Russian restaurant.

Tatiana Restaurant – 3152 Brighton 6th St (btwn E Boardwalk & Brightwater Ct) Brooklyn, NY 11235

And here’s the kicker. Our waiter is in that episode of Bored to Death …That fat fucker.