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The NYC Food Film Festival was fuckin Rad!

Shit. We had such a good time at the NYC Food Film Festival. The food was fuckin delicious (Thanks Neil Cain, Alfonso Maldonado and crew). I can’t believe they made 300+ Turtle Burgers, plus lobster, octopus, blood sausage, pig face terrine. The bartenders made us stupid. The festival staff was rad. The films were really good. I couldn’t believe how much people wanted to talk to us about Turtle Burgers. It was really cool. We are so thankful for being there, getting free beer and making new friends.

We’re working on next year’s film. We were shooting it today. It involves fart scent spray, called Liquid Ass. It was kinda a really bad idea.


The Food Porn Party (NYC Food Film Festival) – October 15th, 2011!

I’m excited. My video of Rusty making a Bacon-wrapped Turtle Burger will be screened at this year’s NYC Food Film Festival. It’s part of the Food Porn Party night –Saturday October 15, 2011. Tickets are $75. Pricey to see my Rusty on the big screen, but it includes drinks and fancy food from Saxon + Parole, lobster, octopus and even mini Turtle Burgers!

Rusty and I are going to have to get a tux.
Get Tickets!

Bushwick Block Party 2011

Went to the Bushwick Block Party today in this crazy heat. It was actually enjoyable with mist sprayers and a hydrant cracked open. Some little 5 year old Dominican kid was dancing all thugged out to the heavy rock band, The Netherlands. His dad pulled him aside near me. Me and this other guy were looking at the kid like “yeah, rock on little buddy.” So the guy bends down to pat the kid and the little boy smacks him in the face. We both thought it was fucked up but funny as hell.

It looks like there are a couple of metal heads doing the pledge of allegiance.

FOOD: Free pizza generously provided by Roberta’s, unfortunately with an incredibly long line. A few other vendors selling meatless sloppy joes and ham sandwiches. There was a Arancini (Sicilian Rice Ball) Eating Contest brought to you by Arancini Bros in Bushwick. Some big guy ate 14 balls in 3 minutes. I went to go get a couple myself at the booth. I can’t believe that guy ate so many. One is pretty filling. But they were pretty good, so maybe it was worthwhile. I got Bacon & Broccoli Rabe and Ragu (sauce and cheese).

Ran into a bunch of friends which was cool. But Rusty and I eventually left early. Assholes were getting drunk and about to be stabbed for being a dick. Dang, giving hipsters a bad name. I don’t mess with Bushwick. Stefano took this nice photo of a Bushwick native taking away this dude’s watergun.

And speaking of drunk hipster assholes…

On our way back home to pick up some Grand Seafood, we saw this scary looking dentist office.

…and this flyer on a street pole that I really don’t get, pointing to two Indian restaurants in the area. The flyer’s disgusting. I don’t get it, unless it’s something lost in translation from someone who doesn’t speak English well?

Other photos from the day…

3rd Annual Holiday Cookie Jamboree

This cookie contest party was nutz. Thank you all for bringing the awesome cookies. I’m not sure who won the grand prize. All I know is that the trophy got passed around into the crowd and manhandled into pieces. Thanks to all who performed –Jantar, Marcellus Hall, Animal Hands, Gang of Craft, Playboys of the Western World, Matt Gill, Cold Lumps & the Cookie Cutters, Nimesh Patel, The Sweatermen, This Frontier Needs Heroes and Justice of the Unicorns. Thank you Good Co. for the party bus! Thank you Brad, Jessica and Russ for co-hosting. Two days later, my fingers still smell like cookies.

Here are the pics. Something happened to the place cards. Shit.

I was taking a piss when the Sweatermen started National Lampoon’s Vacation’s “Holiday Road”. I just heard the whole bar erupting in the sing-along. When I came out, they went into this little number…

Chili Cook Off this Saturday

Rusty and I are hosting a Chili Cook Off this Saturday. Bring chili or just show up to eat. It’s a free for all.

Where: Lock In Bar (949 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211) map
When: Saturday October 16, 2010; 4pm-9pm
What: Party! Facebook event page

MayDay Danger Party

This party was bad ass. Lot of great spicy food. My favorite was the Jambalaya and Red Beans & Rice that Dan & Wesley (from Static Television) made with quality meats from the Meat Hook. I had the most delicious chunk of pork in the beans and rice. I’d buy all this regularly if it was sold around these parts.

David Jaffe from Garbage Gourmet, who blogs about food he finds in the trash outside of groceries and restaurants, brought some wild ramps he just picked from Winchester earlier that day. He actually sold some to Roberta’s before bringing them to the party. My first time eating a ramp. Pretty good. The end bulb is like an onion and the leaf is like spinach.

Mike brought his danger food, the stinky Durian fruit (see durian ice cream) …and an apology food, Chinese roast pork. I’ve been really wanting try a durian for a while now. But by the end of the night, I totally I forgot about it. Luckily I found the fruit cracked opened and hidden behind the bushes when I was wrapping up the extension cord. It was sweet and creamy and my finger stunk the rest of the night.

Brett easily won the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper/World’s Hottest Pepper) eating contest by putting down three. Adam and Aaron had one each and saw the holy ghost and perhaps suffered the consequences. I took the tiniest nibble (avoiding any seeds) and my mouth was on fire. That tiny bit was the hottest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. How the hell did Brett eat three (almost four) without his face turning color. Brett is the devil.

I’m glad we brought the Lightning Reaction Shocking Game. Tested it the night before and it was the hardest I ever laughed and the most scared I’ve ever been since my food blog.

The music was great –Brad/This Frontier Needs Heroes, Matt, Tigers and Monkeys, Justice of the Unicorns and late night crooning with Marcellus Hall.

Happy Birthday Matt Gill and thanks to the bands, the Lock Inn Bar and everyone that brought food, ate it, and had a good time.

Hot Sauce Round Up

We ain’t playing around for our MayDay Danger Party this Saturday. I went out to Kalustyan’s, where they have a pretty amazing selection of hot sauces. They even had the Melinda’s Naga Jolokia sauce about $2 cheaper than the place I bought mine. I stood in the aisle for quite a while, memorized at all the crazy ass labels. Brought four interesting ones back to the office to try. Note that I’ve been running on the Melinda’s ghost pepper sauce, so maybe my tolerance is different –not to sound macho or like Randy Savage. Here are my thoughts as I go…

1) Swamp Gator hot sauce (Gator Hammock, $6.99) – Not too spicy, more easy pour, somewhat cajun flavor with that cayenne peppers and garlic. I remember my friend Ryan had this in his cupboard and thought it was tasty on whatever we were eating. This is more like a dousing sauce. Go Gators!

2) Rectal Rocket Fuel (Sauce Crafters, $5.99) – Not really too spicy on first bite. Slight afterkick, but still not bad. My butt did feel sweaty, but it might have already been that way.

3) Dumb Ass sauce (Southwest Specialty Food, $7.99) – dumb, not spicy. vinegary smelling. wtf? …I guess it’s a standard habanero sauce. Any other day, this could be a good go-to hot sauce on my baked beans.

4) Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce with Jersey Fury (Extreme Food, $12.99) – Made with Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Habanero. Smells kinda like dates. Tastes similar to Melinda’s, but sweet on first taste, then the kick comes swelling in and hotter than Melinda’s. Feeling it now. Alright now, I’m sweating. Staying with me. 5mins later. still sweating, and still feeling the heat in my mouth. Feels good though. Seems to enhance the food more than drown it out with heat. I suppose because this is just a dab. You really gotta do this one dab or droplet at a time. …I think I just got high off this. I wonder if I can get fired for hot sauce.

I’ll be bringing these hot sauces, including Melinda’s, whole dried Ghost Pepper pods & chocolate truffles to the party Saturday for you guys to try. Feel free to bring your own favorite hot sauce to show off or maybe a loaf of bread to soak up the spice.

MayDay Danger Party Saturday May 1st 2010

We’re throwing this backyard party at the Lock-Inn –celebrating Spring, music, cookout & Matt’s birthday.

Music by: Justice of the Unicorns, Marcellus Hall, Tigers and Monkeys, This Frontier Needs Heroes.

Theme: Dangerous food. We’ll have grills going to make food for party people. Feel free to bring extra grub to throw on.

Ghost Pepper eating contest! Person who doesn’t die, wins!

And we’re going to have this shocking game: