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Oyster Roast – NY Food Film Festival 2012

Dang, I had a great time at the NY Food Film Festival once again. Strengthened relationships and made many new friends. Everyone really stepped it up this year on their films. But it sure is worth submitting. If you get your film in, the parties (screenings) you get to attend are so awesome. It concluded with an Oyster Roast in Williamsburg. I loved it. The Bulls Bay Oysters are so good.

Other things I really liked at the festival –Brooklyn Star Fried Pig Tails, Wild Hibiscus Flowers stuffed with Goat Cheese, and Saxon and Parole Fried Oysters.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers and the festival crew for continually making my life a party. Thank you.

This was my film, “Deep-Fried Tofurky: A Thanksgiving Miracle”

Deep-Fried Tofurky: A Thanksgiving Miracle from Jason Lam on Vimeo.


NY Food Film Festival 2012

Oh man, the NY Food Film Festival is coming soon in October. I got a short film in it –“Deep Fried Tofurky: A Thanksgiving Miracle” during the Food Porn Party night. From what I remember last year, these screenings are awesome. They give you food and all you can drink. It was a big party.

It seems like it’s pricey, but it’s kind of worth it if you are taking a hot chick on a date. You both will definitely get drunk with me and Rusty.

And right now, there’s a special discount code you can have: Film33maker –for 33% off until Friday 9/14 7pm. After, it’s good for 25% off. There’s only a limited number of discounted tickets, so you have to get them soon.

Again, my screening is the Food Porn Party. But from what I know from last year’s Chicago Food Film Festival, the Oyster Roast the day after is really rad. That’ll probably be the best night. All you can eat roast Bulls Bay oysters and drinks. I’ll probably have to call in sick the next day.

Call for Entries! The Food Film Festival

Dang. If you are a filmmaker and have a film about food, you gotta submit to The Food Film Festival. I had so much fun last year partying hard –free booze and food. Totally worth the $25 entry fee I paid for my short film.

The deadline is coming up soon. Start shooting!

Awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Best Feature
  • Best Short
  • Best Super-Short
  • Best Food Porn
  • Audience Award
  • Made In NY Award
  • Food Filmmaker of the Year

Entry Fees

Official Deadline – April 20th, 2012
$35 for feature films (over 35 minutes)
$25 for shorts (5-35 minutes)
$20 for super-shorts (under 5 minutes)

Last Minute Deadline – May 4th, 2012
$45 for feature films (over 35 minutes)
$35 for shorts (5-35 minutes)
$30 for super-shorts (under 5 minutes)


Oyster Roast at the Chicago Food Film Festival

Dang. This was the most exciting food event I’ve ever been to. Oyster Roast! Watched some rad films and then they got us wasted and handed us shucking knives. They drove up a Penske truck of Bulls Bay Oysters from South Carolina. You gotta see the film about these oysters that film festival host and Travel Channel’s “Made in America”, George Motz, made. The film was right up Rusty’s alley.

Best oysters I’ve ever had. Huge shells. Once you crack it open, some came out big and some relatively small (but probably the small is the same size as a regular). And the flavor was perfect. Already salty and tasty. I didn’t even need any hot sauce that I love so dear.

The guys who brought the oysters from South Carolina were cool. One of the guys brought Pickled Shrimp that he makes –Mama’s Pickled Shrimp. That was delicious. I was trying to get Rusty to eat it somewhere in the night, but we got lost in the crowd that was attacking all the oysters …They almost got their butts burned from the hot shovels of roasted oysters running up behind them.

Also I really liked the Brunswick Stew that The Bedford brought. The best Brunswick Stew I’ve had so far. I was glad I was able to get Russ to eat it. Sometimes he forgets to eat when he parties.

I’m also glad I got to try the Doughnut Vault donuts. I actually thought it was a dream that I had one until I saw these photos. The Doughnut Vault had a line around the corner at 10:30 on that Saturday morning when we got into Chicago. We thought it was a line to see some awesome indie band or something.

Rusty’s Chicago friend, Ronnie Z, called me and I was trying to text him back but forgot to hit send because I was in the middle of a conversation. Two hours later, I saw that I hadn’t sent it and felt like shit. Once I hit send, he popped out of the darkness like a vampire …or like Nicholas Cage. I felt so bad. I think he was watching us party from the outside that whole time.

I woke up the next morning and Rusty had picked me up an Egg McMuffin and Hash Brown. Best cure for a hangover …or at least temporarily.

Food Film Festival Filmmaker of the Year!

Dang. Chicago was awesome. The Oyster Party on Saturday was insane. Pics of that coming soon. I was pretty hungover the following day during awards ceremony. My head hurt. And dang, I won! Stepped to receive the coveted slotted spoon trophy and got back to my seat, turned to Rusty and asked “Hey, what did I just win?”

The spoon said 2011 Food Film Festival Fannie Mae Filmmaker of the Year! Dang. I honestly didn’t know I was up for any award in Chicago. We just came to party. The New York Food Film Festival was so awesome. Had to do it again in Chicago.

I know I didn’t get to say much when I got the award because my mouth was full of Turtle Burger. So I really want to thank the Food Film Festival for the awesome party. Rusty and I had such a great time.

Winning the award made me think of the things I’ve learned this year…

1) Just Do It: Ever since I stopped thinking or worrying about what I’m going to do and just do it, everything got so easy. The action was much easier than thinking about it. And then in the end, you are doing what you want to do and living your dreams.

2) Be open to opportunities: This year, I went on the tour with Shonali. I accepted Rik’s offer to make new food webisodes. I entered this film festival. I’m co-hosting parties with my friends. Let Dave and Tio Wally contribute to the food blog. Went on a date. All of this with initial hesitation, but I’m grateful I said yes to it all. It made my life so much more wonderful.

3) Be giving: I think there really is something about doing something for the benefit of others, whether it’s making people smile, giving them a big tip or sharing something cool with them. It makes what you do honest and genuine …and in return, I find people like that a lot and will give back to you with treasures. It’s a weird circle of giving.

4) Believe in yourself: I remember a stranger once told me that I could never be a food blogger, because there were too many food bloggers already. It hurt to hear even a douche bag say that to me. I’ve been food blogging for over four years now. So what does that guy know. There’s also another guy that people said he couldn’t be what he wanted to be because he was different. He never gave up and believed in himself. Now he’s winning. His name is Tebow.

I’d like to thank Rik and Nancy, Shonali, Tio Wally, Rusty, Dave Dondero, Andrew WK, Tim Tebow and everyone along the way for showing me the way. Excuse me if I sound preachy …I’m just trying to be Tebow-like.

This is why we’re Tebowing in Chicago this weekend

How to Make Mini Turtle Burgers

Here’s my second episode of Me So Hungry …Mini Turtle Burgers!

And you can have your own Turtle Burger at the Chicago Food Film Festival this upcoming weekend. Our original film about Turtle Burgers will be screened this Sunday November 20th, 2011. Rusty and I will be there to party! Come out. The New York one was a blast!