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Ben Sargent’s new book: The Catch

Dang, Ben just put out a new book, The Catch. Looks really slick. He had a book signing yesterday at Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo. Then took the party to Red Hook at Bait and Tackle, where he had a seafood boil cooking on the sidewalk. So much food. There was a whole nother trough of shrimp and crab legs after everyone in the bar was so stuffed. Amazing. …Man, I wish I had some that right now.


Dr. Klaw Handing Out Lobster Rolls out of an Excalibur Limousine

Ben’s Hook, Line & Dinner show on The Cooking Channel will have him coming back to Brooklyn for some East River fishing and hit some cool spots, like Acme Smoked Fish Corporation –this Thursday night, March 29th. Supposedly, I make an appearance.

A few weeks back, Dr. Klaw rode around in an Excalibur limousine passing out lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound.

…and we drank bubbly.

Ben’s Hook, Line & Dinner Season 2 Tonight

Last year, we went to Red Lobster and Ben brought a frickin huge live lobster with him. That was the craziest time I’ve had in Time Square.

His show is back on the Cooking Channel tonight for Season 2 –Hook, Line & Dinner. Last year was really good and I got really hungry.

Grand Seafood Feast

Ben and I ran into this guy on the street. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any cupcakes with him.

Then we grabbed some grub at Grand Seafood Fish Market right off the Grand L stop. I’m a big fan of their free steam. I had just gone there a week earlier with Rusty and Dave Dondero for some steamed clams and shrimp. Such a great deal. A dozen clams for $6. A pound of shrimp for $7. You’re literally paying market prices.

Their fried fish sandwiches are good too. We split the flounder and whiting sandwiches. Ben and I both agree, fried whiting sandwiches on white bread kicks ass.

Grand Seafood & Fish Market – 98 Bushwick Ave (@ Grand St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Watch Ben’s show –Hook, Line & Dinner on the Cooking Channel!

Dining with Dr. Klaw at Red Lobster

I was to meet Ben Sargent, host of Cooking Channel’s Hook, Line & Dinner at Red Lobster in Times Square. Instead his longtime friend & business partner (or possibly Ben’s alter-ego), Dr. Klaw showed up with a live two-foot pet lobster with spike bracelets. Dr. Klaw sure had beef with Ben …and lobster nachos with me.

There’s a 90min director’s cut of this video that will premiere at Cannes. I can’t believe we racked up a $200 bill at Red Lobster.

Yes. In the video, Dr. Klaw really does pull out a huge ass live lobster onto the table while we were eating. Red Lobster thought he took it out of their tank.

Ben’s new show premieres this Tuesday June 7th on the Cooking Channel.

La Norteña Tacos in Greenpoint

After walking out of Manhattan Inn, I was like whoa, Calexico is packed. Ben says it’s like that all the time. So he took me down the block to La Norteña. No one in there. We got carnitas pork, steak and spicy beef tacos. Complimentary chips and salsa in a little piggy bowl. The tacos were good and cheap. Why no one in there? Gringos scared to be gringos? You would think the takeout menu with the picture of the cowgirl & horse would be enough bring in the hipsters. They had me at the horse.

La Norteña – 668 Manhattan Ave (btwn Bedford & Norman) Brooklyn, NY 11222

Oh yeah, check out Ben’s new seafood series, Hook Line & Dinner. It premieres June 7th on the Cooking Channel. That shit’s gonna blow up.

Ben’s New Cooking Channel Show Premieres Thursday

My buddy Ben Sargent (Underground Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Fishing Derby) has a new show on the Cooking Channel premiering this Thursday Nov 4th @ 9pm EST. This is rad. Ben’s one of these people that was meant for TV and food. I remember he brought his video camera to shoot the seafood at our Chinese New Year dim sum years ago. I thought it was a little weird at the time, but the warning signs were there.

The show’s called Hook, Line & Dinner

Meanwhile his Brooklyn Fishing Derby is tearing it up right now.

The Lobster Pusher

I just saw this in my inbox from the Thrillist. I thought someone was jacking Ben’s underground lobster roll idea, but on closer inspection that is Ben. I thought it was Color Me Badd –>More at the Thrillist.