We were playing a show at Littlefield in Park Slope/Gowanus. Sound check was so early, I had six hours to kill. So I went to check out my friend’s newish restaurant, Littleneck, nearby. Said friend suggested the Fried Clam Roll (Full Belly Ipswich Clam Roll with Tartar and Shredded Romaine — $16).

Dang, this is seriously the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time to my recollection. I’m not saying this because I know one of the owners. I’m saying this as a food blogger.

I was seriously expecting clam strips like from Captain D’s on a hotdog roll. But these clams were huge and creamy. Not chewy or rubbery like when I think of clams –as I told a girl at the show when I was trying to think of the words to describe normal clams. And I was proud, because you don’t realize how long it took me to think of those words when I was talking to her. …Nah, these clams were creamy like eating foie gras. I don’t think I’ve had anything like this before. Delicious!

Brendan came and met me at the restaurant. He also got the same sandwich. It looked the same as mine. So I don’t think I got any special treatment, like I usually like to think I get. But I guess if I did, that’d be silly to intentionally make everyone else’s dish worse because they’re not food blogging. Anyway, Brendan loved it too. He said it was such a good deal compared to a lobster roll, because you get so much more food. It was overflowing with clams.

This dang thing already makes my Best of List 2012. Their logo even looks like “LIN”.

Littleneck – 288 3rd Ave (btwn President & Carroll) Brooklyn, NY 11215

…Oh yeah. I forgot to mention how good the pickles were on the side.

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