After the wedding ceremony at Grand Ferry Park, we walked down the block to Aurora for lunch. Ah, they were very thoughtful to seat me outside …for the food photography lighting.

Russ wasn’t going to eat, so I ordered the fish for him so I can try it. Then that meant I had to order the chicken, which I didn’t really want. Crap. Luckily, the chicken was the best one.

Janet at Table #6 said I should have been at their table. I said, “I know. I got Broccoli Robbed.”

Aurora – 70 Grand St (btwn Kent & Wythe) Brooklyn, NY 11211

I was in charge of the iPod once more at the reception at Matt Torrey’s. I announced Jody & Christa to the crowd and went for the iPod to start playing their first dance, but it started reading out the names of the playlist in a robotic voice. “Jody’s wedding playlist 2” “Wedding luncheon” “Party mix 3” I think the more I pressed buttons to stop it, the more it read. I suppose if you ask me to do something, you must realize something ridiculous is bound to happen.

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