Went to the Bushwick Block Party today in this crazy heat. It was actually enjoyable with mist sprayers and a hydrant cracked open. Some little 5 year old Dominican kid was dancing all thugged out to the heavy rock band, The Netherlands. His dad pulled him aside near me. Me and this other guy were looking at the kid like “yeah, rock on little buddy.” So the guy bends down to pat the kid and the little boy smacks him in the face. We both thought it was fucked up but funny as hell.

It looks like there are a couple of metal heads doing the pledge of allegiance.
01 Bushwick Block Party 2011 Bushwick Block Party 2011

FOOD: Free pizza generously provided by Roberta’s,¬†unfortunately¬†with an incredibly long line. A few other vendors selling meatless sloppy joes and ham sandwiches. There was a Arancini (Sicilian Rice Ball) Eating Contest brought to you by Arancini Bros in Bushwick. Some big guy ate 14 balls in 3 minutes. I went to go get a couple myself at the booth. I can’t believe that guy ate so many. One is pretty filling. But they were pretty good, so maybe it was worthwhile. I got Bacon & Broccoli Rabe and Ragu (sauce and cheese).

02 Arancini Bros Sicilian Rice Balls Bushwick Block Party 2011

Ran into a bunch of friends which was cool. But Rusty and I eventually left early. Assholes were getting drunk and about to be stabbed for being a dick. Dang, giving hipsters a bad name. I don’t mess with Bushwick. Stefano took this nice photo of a Bushwick native taking away this dude’s watergun.

01%20Bushwick%20Block%20Party%202011%20 %20Stefano%20Giovannini Bushwick Block Party 2011


And speaking of drunk hipster assholes…
02%20Bushwick%20Block%20Party%202011%20 %20Stefano%20Giovannini Bushwick Block Party 2011


On our way back home to pick up some Grand Seafood, we saw this scary looking dentist office.
07 Bushwick Dentist Office Bushwick Block Party 2011

…and this flyer on a street pole that I really don’t get, pointing to two Indian restaurants in the area. The flyer’s disgusting. I don’t get it, unless it’s something lost in translation from someone who doesn’t speak English well?
08 Disgusting sign in Williamsburg Bushwick Block Party 2011

Other photos from the day…

pixel Bushwick Block Party 2011