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M. Wells – French Canadian Diner in Long Island City

On the way back from the DC Rally for Sanity/Fear, Albertina was telling me about this newish French-Canadian (Québec) diner that had rabbit hearts and foie gras tamales on the menu. Right up my alley. We met up for lunch with her friend, Justin. There were no rabbit hearts this time, but we got everything else just as adventurous –Pickled Pork Tongue, Sweetbreads Sandwich, Escargots & Bone Marrow, Pollock Cobbler and a doughnut for appetizer.

When I become super rich, I’m going to throw a party with catering trays full of those Roasted Escargots & Bone Marrows. So decadent. The Sweetbreads Sandwich was a crowd favorite too. The menu says the sweetbreads are “General Tso Style.” That sounds tragic, but it was beautifully crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, tasty all over.

Decent prices for these type of things. I was thinking how cheap the Pickled Pork Tongue was at $6. I don’t know. Is that cheap? Anyway, we got a great sampler of something different for about $19 plus tip each.

Only opened for lunch 10am-4pm Tuesday through Sunday. Dinner service coming soon. It only took me 30 minutes on the train to get there from the Flatiron district. Not too bad if you have the time.

M. Wells – 21-17 49th Ave. Long Island City, Queens NY 11101


The Chinese Take Out Experience: Best of Craigslist

This link below is an interesting read –from the point of view of a young Chinese American working in the Chinese Take Out family business for 12 of his child/teenage years.

Luckily for myself, I only had to work a few years at one of my parents’ restaurants down in Florida. It was a different scene there. My craziest memory is when I worked with my best friend Bill Brown at our drive-thru spot.  He thought it was always funny to talk back on the intercom without his finger on the Talk button between dialogue. Like “(on) Okay, you want Sweet & Sour Chicken (off) Idiot (on) and Shrimp Fried Rice (off) Dumbfuck. But then one time his finger was still on the Talk button. The guy yelled “What the hell did you call me?”, sped up to the front and slammed the door open. He was a huge big black guy …not that his color matters, but it kinda did. The one time Bill fucks up due to horsing around, it just had to be this giant guy. Bill thought quick and said he was calling me an idiot, not him. I thought we were about to be murdered.

I Love Hellmann’s!

Me, Bobby Flay, Aunt Becky, Tim Tebow, Double Rainbow …and FOUR jars of mayonnaise.

Rhong-Tiam Express’ Pork on Fire

The New York Times called Rhong-Tiam’s Pork on Fire a “contender for spiciest dish in the city”. They recently opened up an Rhong-Tiam Express in my work area of the Flatiron District, focusing on Thai take-out, roti wraps and fruit juices.

I went there to get the Pork on Fire ($13). The people there were really nice. Now for the bad news. I didn’t think it was spicy at all. It was strange. I could see the spices and peppers in it, but couldn’t taste anything in my mouth except for the heavy soy sauce-flavored sauce. My head did have a nice cooling sweat, but I still couldn’t taste the heat. I don’t think I’m a tough guy with a high tolerance for spiciness, so this is very strange. Is my tongue dead? Does Express not deliver the heat? Are the NYTimes pussies?

Looks like the Amatuer Gourmet thought it was spicy. I think my tongue is dead. Anyone else tried this? Do I make this dish sound less intimidating or not daring enough?

Rhong-Tiam Express – 31 E 21st St (btwn Broadway & Park Ave) New York 10010

The Cottage – Free Unlimited Wine

I was thinking of chugging a Four Loco before seeing The Social Network, but instead Yasmin and I went to The Cottage for bad Chinese food and free unlimited cheap wine. The food actually ain’t that bad. The restaurant just looks fancy for what the food is. The House Duck dish ($11.25) was okay. The Singapore (Mei Fun) Rice Noodles ($6.95) was fine after some spicy chili sauce. The free wine can get you buzzed.

This the second time I’ve been here. I’m thinking it’s best to stick to a Chinese noodle. Affordable sit-down restaurant near Union Square with unlimited free wine was much wiser than chugging a Four Loco.

The Cottage – 33 Irving Pl (@ 16th St) New York 10003

The Most Amazing Diwali Fest Photos

I saw this on my friend Kristen’s Facebook. It’s from the Diwali Festival in Clifton, NJ last week. Diwali is an important 5-day Hindu festival, also know as the “Festival of Lights.” The display of foods and sweets is just amazing.

Check out more of Kristen’s photos at

Bobby Flay’s Holiday Recipes with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

The last Hellmann’s event turned to me to a devout Hellmann’s fan. I haven’t stopped eating mayonnaise sandwiches since. I seriously can’t stop. All they did was give me a jar of that stuff to take home and my roommates have witnessed me mayoing every meal. I can’t think of any other product I endorse so strongly, if at all. It’s the fucking best mayonnaise.

This time with two jars of mayonnaise

Once again Bobby Flay and Full House’s Lori Loughlin showed us some recipes and tips. Last time was like a corn chip with some mayonnaise on it. This time was some real tasty stuff –Turkey Reuben w/ Thousand Island Coleslaw, Turkey Paella w/ Lemon-Smoked Paprika Aioli and Balsamic-Glazed Stuffed Mushrooms (which were the balls!).

Some interesting notes from the luncheon:
– Bobby Flay will eat pizza after the NYC Marthon run
– His favorite pizza at the moment: Motorino (He knew he’d get trouble for saying that)
– The same company that makes Hellmann’s makes Axe Body Spray (as Simon from Plate of the Day informed me). Maybe that’s why I have such a strong connection to Hellmann’s.
– Mixing mayo into rice (Turkey Paella). That’s an interesting idea. I love mayonnaise!
– Bobby Flay’s #1 tip for holidays meals. Always have a pot of chicken stock available. Used to moisten the meats and for everything else. His restaurants go through tons of it. But what about mayonnaise?

The Stuffed Mushrooms were so good with mayo glaze.

Perhaps I’m going overboard for my love of Hellmann’s and my integrity is now questionable, but I have to say I will aways sell out and shill for mayonnaise. Therefore their recipes (including the mushrooms) after the jump. Maybe next time I’ll show you and Bobby Flay my recipe for Mayonnaise Sandwich.

Fuck Yeah Noodles Tumblr

Dang, this Tumblr is awesome! It’s just a bunch of photos of noodles.