Found the Wah Fung #1 Fast Food on the Yelp. At first I thought the Fung Wah Chinatown Bus got their own restaurant, but I don’t think they’re related. Everyone was talking about the $2.50 pork or chicken special. I went to check it out during my half day of work Friday. All the Yelpers were right about the line. Seems to move so slow, but I think I see why. The guy chops up the meats to each¬†individual¬†order, then has to walk back and forth each time to spoon up the juices. What’s in those juices? I could even do some juice over rice. That’d make me happy.

The $2.50 tray does look small at first, but the guy packs in the meat. He chops up the meat and puts it on and you’re satisfied. But then he takes another piece out to chop and put on your tray and you’re like what a nice guy! Then another piece and you’re like fuck.

Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food – 79 Chrystie St (btwn Canal & Hester St) New York, NY 10002

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