At Seattle’s Arctic Club: Lobster sliders, shrimp spring rolls, tuna tartare, fish and chips …How about some tartar sauce? …Tuna Tartar Tartare? Kung Fu Dragon dance, special wedding cakes for each table (Ours was based on my parents’ old Chinese Restaurant, Lam’s Garden), Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) station, Satay Station & Dim Sum station. They had Zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf). My mom kept correcting me “Jong-chay” and then my dad would correct me from that, “Jong-chi.” Back and forth. Hilarity ensues …with the small audience in my head.

Congratulations Jenny & Adrian!

(update: That Zongzi is actually Lo mai gai – steamed chicken & sticky rice in lotus wrap)

Cool video with good shots of the cakes and making the okonomiyaki pancakes.

Jenny and Adrian Wedding Montage from Mitch Mattraw on Vimeo.

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