Mia had a fundraiser WNBA game & brunch on her rooftop for Willie Mae Rock Camp for girls. She made fancy bagged lunches for everyone, along with salmon quiche and prosciutto wrapped wheat sticks. Fancy. There was a shiva (funeral mourning) being held by a different Mia on the 9th floor. So there were a few slipups where the brunch guests ended up at the shiva and the mourners ended up at the brunch. When I was in the bathroom, Mia texted me to bring back the matches from the banister on her foyer. It didn’t help that I didn’t know what a banister was or a foyer …but I did know what matches looked like. So with “shiva” I learned three new words.

I never thought I’d be at a WNBA game. There were a lot of kids there. When the crowd yelled “DE-FENSE!”, it was very very young sounding. Mia joined the Willie Mae Rock Camp crew at half court for a giant check from the NY Liberty. And the food stand had an ad for a hot dog wrapped inside a knish (Coney Combos). They didn’t have any for me. WTF? Food blog fail.

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls – future Courtney Loves and Indigo Girls

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