Latin Beet Kitchen is the newish restaurant connected to the front of Raymi, the fancy Peruvian restaurant on 24th Street. I’ve been wondering what this place was. I’ve seen a few people eat out in the front outdoor seating. But was it counter service, table service, do they serve alcohol? I was able to get some answers when I went to their Media Fall Preview, tasting some of the new menu and cocktail items coming soon.

So it turns out it’s from the same owners of Raymi. I’ve been there for a Ceviche vs Tiradito event in 2014. They wanted to open up a casual place to serve breakfast and lunch, while Raymi was closed. But they are going to start serving dinner at some point.

They do have beer during the day. I’ve seen people drink it outside. I’ve been tempted to drink out there for a lunch break on a nice day.

They are going to start serving weekend brunch cocktails: Bloody Tiger, Spiked Latte, Gin and Juice and Clear Michelada. I liked the Gin and Juice best. Snoop D-O-Double-G.

They’ll start serving these cocktails at night when they expand to dinner service.

Also tried some of their arepas and bowl samples. The arepas were a lot different than what I think of arepas. I usually think of arepas as lighter and having a pocket to stuff meat into. These were more dense and more like a cracker. I wonder if it’s because of the nature of having the smaller sample, than a full size arepa. Or maybe this is the difference between a Venezuelan vs a Colombian arepa.

The Tuna Nikkei Ceviche Bowl is promising. But surprisingly, I liked the Antina (Lentil Stew) Bowl the best. I’m a heavy meat eater and this was really tasty for having no meat in it. I’m feeling very conflicted inside.

Latin Beet Kitchen – 43 W 24th St (b/t Broadway & S Park Ave) New York, NY 10010

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