I grew up in Florida, where Publix was one of the main grocery stores. I’ve had friends that worked there in high school and in college. They always told me that the subs were so good there. I never had one and couldn’t imagine it would be that amazing. Then I saw a Buzzfeed article a few years ago that talked about how awesome Publix subs are. It made me wish I tried them back in the day …because I trust the Internet more than my friends.

So I went to Florida last Christmas and my sister and mom were going to Publix and asked if I wanted anything, while I was setting up the new HDTV and Apple TV for my parents. I said, “Yeah, get me a Publix sub.” My sister brought me back a Turkey Sub. She said they took a lot of care into building it. A real sandwich artist.

Dude… It was so awesome. So fresh. So much better than Subway.

Speaking of Subway, my friend always thought Subway smelled liked wet B.O. towels. I always thought Subway smelled good  when I walked by …with the fresh baked bread. And recently I looked it up. That’s a thing. Some people find Subway bread to smell repulsive. Just Google it. There are too many links for me to link. Well, here’s a screenshot…

Subway smell

Also speaking of Subway, why didn’t Jared ever lose more weight? I know he lost a shit load of weight initially before he became the spokesman. But to me, he was still overweight. Like if your only job was to be skinny and get paid a lot of money, you’d get skinny or be in great shape. But maybe he was preoccupied by other things. I don’t blame Subway for Jared being a piece of shit. I kind of like Subway. But I feel like Subway really should have nudged him to get into Hugh Jackman shape. Because he was still kinda fat, right?

Anyway, Publix subs rule. I ate the second half on my plane ride home to New York. Everyone was like, “What’s that smell?” Dude, it’s my Publix sub.

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