I was watching some Anthony Bourdain and saw him eating some curry fish head. It looked so good. So I went out to find some in NYC.

I ended up at Nyonya in Chinatown/Little Italy. It’s a solid affordable Malaysian restaurant. I’ve been here once before about 5 years ago. It seems pretty popular among younger Asian adults.

The Nyonya Curry Fish Head Casserole is $19.95. There’s actually several other fish head casseroles at this price on the menu. I went with the one named after the restaurant.

The curry sauce was awesome. The actual fish head was a lot of work to eat actually. If I’m ever craving for this flavor, I’d probably go with non-fish head. Actually just the mixed vegetable curry casserole at $13.50. The curry sauce is the star.

Nyonya – 199 Grand St (between Mulberry & Mott St) New York, NY 10013

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