So the Finger on the Pulse DJs often have these summer BBQ’s where’s they have a some-what known chef cooking up food and a some-what known DJ playing tunes. They are usually around $10 tix in advance for a plate of food and an alcoholic drink. Usually held at Good Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Last week’s event brought in Sarah Simmons from Birds & Bubbles. She made a pretty tasty chicken dish with slaw and rice. The dipping sauce was good. I forget the brand. It was jarred sauce. It also came with a Brooklyn Brewery beer and a Jameson shot with it. Pretty great deal for $10.

Secret tip… I somehow bought a ticket that was discounted for $5. I don’t know why it was discounted on Eventbrite, but it was. Maybe because it hadn’t sold out and I bought it the day before. It was vague what I would get for $5, but I did get everything the $10 ticket got.

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