I caught this YouTube video of Daym Drops reviewing Popeyes Red Stick Chicken.

It seems like a good deal for only $3.99 with fries and a biscuit if you are talking about NYC prices. So I tried it. The chicken is marinated in Tobasco pepper and it is goooooooooooood.

I’ve been eating some critically acclaimed NYC fried chicken this past week too. Went on a fried chicken binge (Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter and Peaches Hot House). I think I liked these Popeyes Red Stick Chicken tenders the best. They had a lot of flavor by themselves. And also worked with the dipping sauce. Although now I realized they gave me the wrong complimentary sauce, Blackened Ranch. Supposed to get Smok’n Pepper Ranch. But it was good with Blackened Ranch anyhow.

To be fair though, I also got a Popeyes spicy chicken thigh to compare to all this fried chicken I’ve been eating. I really like Popeyes and I think it’s good fried chicken. However, you could really tell the difference in the quality of chicken compared to Bobwhite’s and Peaches Hot House. Popeyes meat is greasier and seems like they come from bigger steroid type chickens. But it still tastes good. Maybe it’s the salt. But I was surprised I liked the Red Sticks better. I never thought I was a chicken tender type guy.

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