I ended up in Bed-Stuy this past weekend. Good time to try Peaches HotHouse. I want spicy Hot Chicken!

There was a wait for this popular place. And because it was Easter, I guess there was a less of a wait. Overhearing other people, it seems there’s always a much longer line.

Then when the host called out for a girl for one seating, there was a dick that said, “Oh, that’s sad. For one?” I guess he didn’t realize I was also there by myself. His female friends said, “What’s wrong with that?” To which he replied, “Nothing, unless your whole family died in a plane crash.” I wonder if he always needs someone to go out with him when he eats or hold his hand when he goes pee pee.

The Hot Chicken was good.

Peaches HotHouse – 415 Tompkins Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

Hot Fried Chicken - Peaches HotHouse

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