It’s an end of an era. The White Castle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn closed. I remember taking my old girlfriend there for their candle-lit table service Valentine’s Day –waiting twenty minutes for our table, while watching the crackheads walking straight up to the counter to order their food. I remember when I first moved to NYC twelve years ago, they had bullet proof glass at the ordering counter. Then at some point, when the area was becoming more gentrified, they took down the bullet proof glass and renovated the restaurant. Then soon after, they apparently got held up and then you couldn’t order inside after midnight. I remember my friends and I hailing a taxi to go through the drive-thru for us. Then at some point the neighborhood got even more gentrified and then it was back to 24-hour service inside. White Castle is one of those places you can depend on getting something to eat when you’re really drunk super late at night, but then you’d regret it when you find the slider boxes in your bedroom in the morning.

An end of an era.

White Castle Closed

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  1. Evan

    So sad. Went from a ghetto, order through a hole in a wall, place to drive thru only at late night and then back to late night walk ins a few years later. Now, it’s gone. The cycle of fast food. I was actually more mad about losing Atlantis Attic. Great last minute halloween shopping in that place. Sigh…it will all be douchey condos. Just didn’t think it would happen so fast. I just wish that every damn time something closed something more pretentious wouldn’t rise otu of the ashes. Oh well.


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