I’ve been hanging out with an Iranian girl the last few months. I’ve never had Persian food before, so she was nice enough to take me out for a Persian feast! We went to Ravagh Persian Grill and she ordered for us.

First came out the bread with white sauce and chatni green sauce, which is awesome over the rest of the stuff to come.

02 Bread with White and Chatni Green Sauce - Ravagh Persian Grill

Then came the Yogurt Soda she ordered for me. She said it was an acquired taste. Yeah, it is! LOL. Like a minty sour yogurt flavor with bubbles.

04 Abali Yogurt Soda - Ravagh Persian Grill

The Barg Kebob (juicy strips of angus sirloin in a special age old recipe) and Koobideh kebob (barbecued ground beef). Some good meat here, especially with those white and green sauces.

01 Combination Kebob Platter Barg & Koobideh - Ravagh Persian Grill

And she ordered the best dish –Khoresh Fesenjan (crushed walnuts with boneless chicken cooked in pomegranate paste). This seriously is the best stew you can put on rice.

03 Khoresh Fesenjan Stew Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate Paste  - Ravagh Persian Grill

Shar (that’s her name) also told me about this condiment that was on the table. Ghoreh powder which is made from the sour grape plant, which is poisonous or something. I don’t really remember the whole story, because I showed up drunk to dinner. But I did sprinkle it on my food occasionally. I didn’t die.

05 Ghoreh Sour Grape Powder - Ravagh Persian Grill

Persian food is really good. It’s like a lot of different flavors I’ve never really had before combined –sour, tangy, fruit-sweet, spiced, with the texture of tender or charred meat. …Shar meat!

Ravagh Persian Grill – 11 E 30th St (b/t 5th Ave & Madison Ave) New York, NY 10016

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  1. Sam

    The condiment powder you show is Sumac. Its made from the ground berries.


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