Bally's Atlantic City Winning

This past weekend I was invited to go on an Asian American Press Tour of Bally’s/Harrah’s/Caesars in Atlantic City & Philadelphia. I didn’t know such things existed. Apparently, a lot of Asians gamble. I know that is fact, because the most Asians I’ve ever seen was at Resorts World Casino in Queens.

Anyway, it was fun as heck. I was hungover 70% of the time. Dinners, limo’s, drinks, bikini beach bars and cupcakes. You will see these posts in the coming days.

I gotta say, I started out envying our tour host, Jerry, who takes VIPs and Press out to show them a good time. That’s his job! He’s paid to party. By the end of the weekend, I did not envy him. Because if I was him, I’d be throwing up everyday and cry “uncle” after a month. But Jerry rules and is the perfect guy for the job. He knows his shit. I was already missing him on my bus ride back home. …I still miss him.

Here’s a photo of me in front of the Stanley Cup in the lobby of Caesars hotel and casino. The security guard photobombed me.

Security Guard Photobomb in front of the Stanley Cup

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  1. Thistle

    Yeah, I didn’t know that Asians liking to gamble (more than other groups) was a thing. We had a new casino open here though (in Silicon Valley, go fig), and the TV commercials are all Asian people with one token white woman.

    • tio wally

      So … is that you in the ad?

      And why didn’t that chintzy Chinolam invite us to go on his little junket? Is it now time for us to reevaluate our “relationship” with this little twerp? Just askin’.

      Did you know he got a bone-in slab of prime rib (that he hasn’t posted a picture of yet) for free? For FREE! I’ll bet he didn’t even finish it. What a twerp. T-W-E-R-P: Twerp.

      • Thistle

        Not finish it? He should have had two or three of them. What a waste!

        We never get the good free stuff…

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