I went to see Andrew WK’s book reading/interview at the Strand for the new 33 1/3 book about his hit album, I Get Wet. Half way through, I realized I knew the author! …back from college and some early years of NYC. I felt so stupid that I didn’t recognize him. Well, glad to see he’s doing well.

03 Andrew WK - I Get Wet Book - Phillip Crandall

Then afterward, I went to Oh! Taisho. I got a few skewered things, like liver, scallions, garlic and quail eggs. Then I decided I needed one more thing on the menu. I got the Deep Fried Baby Horse Mackerel with Curry Seasoning. They were great. You can eat the heads and the skeletons —all of it!

01 Deep Fried Baby Horse Mackerel - Oh Taisho

Oh! Taisho – 9 St. Marks Pl (btw Cooper Sq & Astor Pl in East Village) New York, NY 10003

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