I was invited to this Drink and Draw to introduce Angry Orchard’s new cider, The Muse. I liked it. I’ve never really drank cider before. I thought it would be like beer. But no, it’s like apple juice. It’s really good if you think about it …because apple juice tastes good and beer kind of tastes like piss.

Don’t get me wrong. I do like to drink beer and drink it regularly, but I don’t think it├é┬ánecessarily tastes good. Cider is tasty, but seemingly harder to drink a lot of because it’s so sweet. I probably would kill a six pack if I was still eight years old.

03 Angry Orchard Drink and Draw

This was my drawing. I thought it was good until I saw other people’s drawings that looked realistic. But I thought they were cheating because they were using their fingers to rub in the colors …apparently, you’re supposed to do that.

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