Doritos has three new flavors they are trying out. They don’t tell you what the flavors are, but are denoted by color and a made up number. You could see the ingredients on the back of the bag and take a guess, but that’s sort of cheating …unless you have some serious allergies to specific ingredients.

Being Jacked, the flavors are super bold and the chip size is much larger. The Red bag was super spicy. The kind of spicy that you would really enjoy if you like spicy stuff and weren’t a pussy …because it’s really spicy for a Dorito. The Yellow bag was like Ginger Teriyaki or something. And the Blue bag was like Sweet Mole Chicken or something.

My favorite was the Red, because I like the forward thinking in making a really spicy chip that’s spicy. You call something spicy …then go for it.

Sam wasn’t able to vote though. I think the system is fucked up. There was no code on the bag that their website was asking for. Oh well. Good luck, Red.

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