I feel like there’s more restaurants on Eldridge Street, but they look like hole in the wall places that have been there for years. I walked into this one where everything was written in Chinese. I didn’t know it had a name, but it says “Food World Restaurant” on the menus. This is right next door to Young City Fish Balls.

06 Chrysanthemum Fish with Assorted Sauces - Food World Restaurant

I got the Chrysanthemum Fish with Assorted Sauces, which is basically a fried whole fish with sweet and sour sauce. It looks rather impressive. The fish was a little off tasting until I made sure each bite was covered in sauce, then all was well. Pretty good.

I’ve had Chrysanthemum Fish at another Chinese restaurant a long time ago. I remember that one was much more crispier to the point where it was hard to eat. This one was much more edible.

Food World Restaurant – 19 Eldridge Street #b. New York, NY 10002

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