I’ve always heard how good Peter Luger’s burger was. Only thing though is that it’s only served during lunch, which is hard to get to if you work in the city. Also knowing how rare it is that I’d be going to Peter Luger, why not just get the steak? Well, Todd and I took a chance during a snow day and it really did suck trying to get there. Although the bus stop was right across the street from me and the ride ends right near the restaurant, I stepped in a big slush puddle and got totally splashed by car. I guess that’s why we have snow days. Anyway, it made it easy to get a table that day. I think you usually need a reservation.

We both got the Burger $11.95 with cheese ($1.50 extra). Fries and bacon are extra. It was a decent burger, but I was pretty much disappointed …I think from the high expectations I had for it. The Cheeseburger from The Grand I had twice recently is so much better. Anyway, it’s not really that bad. But if you get a chance to go to Peter Luger, yeah, share a big steak. It’s a lot more expensive, but worth it.

I just now noticed that the restaurant is called Peter Luger. I feel like everyone calls it Peter Lugers or Peter Luger’s. Even Johnny Carson called it Peter Lugers.

Peter Luger – 178 Broadway (btw Driggs and Roebling) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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