Dang, I’ve never seen so many places closed on Thanksgiving. I thought at least more bars would be open. I just wanted something to eat, drink and watch football. Mulholland’s sports bar was open!

They had a new menu. The burger was even called “New Burger.” I was thinking how new can a burger be. I ordered it without cheese. Then ten seconds after, I thought to myself if I was going to kill myself today, I might as well get cheese. YOLO. So I went back to the bar and asked for cheese, but the bartender said she just put the order in the computer without. I was confused why it was so hard to add cheese after I ordered. So I thought, “oh well, I guess I won’t kill myself then …Not without cheese.”

Yeah, this new burger looked different. No lettuce and tomato. Just two greasy patties on a giant brioche bun. It was good. I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of. It was like a bigger version of what Wimpy (from Popeye) would eat? Then it hit me. It tastes like Krystal burgers. I liked it. Greasy!

Mulholland’s – 312 Grand St (btwn Roebling & Havemeyer St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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