Sam and I met up on Bedford Ave last week to try to catch Mike running the NYC Marathon. We never saw him though. I think I was too late. He was too fast.

So we went to get brunch and ended up at Extra Fancy.

They have 2 for 1 Bloody Mary’s ($10). The waitress forgot my straw at first and then brought over a straw inside of an empty glass. I was so confused what that was for. I thought maybe either she thought we were going to share it or it was my 2nd Bloody Mary? Sam explained that maybe it was so she didn’t have to touch the straw and it was more sanitary. That’s smart.

I remember a long time ago I dated a girl who offered me to try her drink and she freaked out when I touched her straw. She was like that’s gross. I thought it was weird because I was going to put my mouth on it. And plus I’ve stuck my fingers in her mouth before.

I got the Lobster Florentine ($17). It’s like Eggs Benedict but with lobster and spinach. Really good.

Extra Fancy – 302 Metropolitan Ave (@ Roebling) Brooklyn 11211

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