I had a hankering for some hot wings. I noticed that there was a BBQ joint near my work that had big signs that said they won the Best Wings in NYC in a contest. I figured I’d try it. It wasn’t that amazing though. Nothing to write home about. But they did have a decent beer special.

Then when I walked back to work, I passed by McDonald’s. I like their sign for the new limited time Mighty Wings. Looks pretty good. I ordered a three piece. At this Manhattan location, they were $3.49 plus tax. More than a dollar a wing. Um, that sounds expensive for a chicken wing. Well, I guess you gotta kill a whole chicken for two of them.

Dang, they were pretty dang good wings. Not like buffalo hot wings, but dried and fried. Like a cross between Chinese take-out chicken wings and something that Popeye’s and KFC might make. Really darn good wings, even if they weren’t wet. You can pick a sauce though, but it’s the same stuff that comes with McNuggets and it didn’t help the wing any.

These wings were a lot better than the wings that won Best Wings in NYC. So may I be so bold to say that the best wings in NYC are at McDonald’s?

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