We went out to hang out at Battery Harris. I forget the occasion. Anyway, this place used to be the Williamsburg Loreley. They kept the same cool outdoor patio.

Instead of German fare, they had Caribbean food. Interesting for the location. Got some Jerked Chicken, Coconut Cornbread, Braised Kale, Burgers, Catfish Sandwich, Rum Raisin Pudding.

It was fun. Not sure I think of it as a Caribbean restaurant though. It’s a cool outdoor bar.

Battery Harris – 64 Frost St (@ Meeker Ave) Williamsburg, NY 11211

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  1. Nich

    You sure you can’t stay a grandfather cuz AT&T will lie and say you can’t, but the Mac store will make it happen.

  2. Stinky Goldberg

    Jerk tofu sticks?? That must be what they serve in hell.


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