Yoshie had a Ramen and Friends lunch at Larb Ubol in Hell’s Kitchen. She and Rob like the chef’s other restaurants in Queens.

I got lost because there were so many Thai restaurants in this area on 9th Ave. I remembered it had Larb in the name though. I always wanted to know what Larb was. I’ve seen it on menus. Turns out it’s minced meat salad. I tried the Chicken Larb. Kind of tasted like Chicken Salad …you know, like if you got a chicken salad sandwich?

I felt like Homer Simpson saying, “Larb! Larb! Larb! Larb!” in silly melody. I don’t know if he ever said that, but it seems like it he would.

I liked the Roast Pork and Crispy Pork a lot. That was good.

Larb Ubol – 480 9th Ave (@ 37th St) New York, NY 10018
Ramen and Friend’s review – http://www.ramenandfriends.com/2013/08/larb-ubol-08-17-2013.html

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  1. Nich

    There is a Thai restaurant in Houston TX (may not still be there) with excellent mock meat (think it was mock duck) Larb. As we know it’s pronounced kinda like “Lob”. Every time I ever ordered it, the woman would say, “it’s Lob” and I would say, “Lob” and she would say “No, Lob” and I would say “Yeah, Lob” and she would say “No, Lob” and I would say “okay, and a beer.” It was so good though. It was mostly good because they had a carousel of spicy delights to top your eats with including fresh cut jalapeños soaking in lime juice and the traditional hot chile flake oil. If you are ever in Houston it’s called “That Thai place on Montrose”. Do it! Do eat!

  2. tio wally

    Don’t know that Homer ever said “Larb” but we know he’s said “Lard.” Lard Lad is his favorite donut shop.


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