We met up for brunch in the East Village because we were going to see Shonali perform with the Moon comedy/variety show at Howl Festival 2013 (Thompson Square Park). I picked one of the more popular places, but the wait was so long. So we went to Odessa which was pretty empty. We realized that none of us have been there in like eight years …late at night, drunk and ordering pierogies.

There are two Odessa’s next door to each other. The bright diner and the dark bar (which also serves food). I kind of wanted to go into the dark bar, but it was early in the day. We went into the bright diner.

I got the Eggs Benedict brunch special that came with a Bloody Mary $11.50. I think it’s pretty much the same price if you ordered it separately. The English Muffins were hard and hard to cut. I ate everything on top, then somehow managed to chew the bread.

Mia and Todd got Chicken Avocado Salads in huge bowls. I probably should have gotten that.

The waiter was funny and a character. But I didn’t get how he added up the bill, especially when he said Mia’s salad was a special price for her …unless he was joking.

Even though the place kind of sucks, I do have the urge to go back soon. I’ve had good drunk memories there in my late twenties. Plus you can get a table during brunch real easily.

Odessa – 119 Ave A (btwn St Marks & 7th St) New York, NY 10009

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