Tonight, the Great GoogaMooga kicked off. Last year was iffy. This time they started off with a concert with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flaming Lips and The Darkness. It was a lot of fun.

01 Flaming Lips GoogaMooga 2013

If you’re going this weekend and if it’s like it was today, then I say do NOT get beer tickets …unless you to pay extra for a commemorative cup (that you’re going to throw away in the compost bin or on the lawn) …and all the stands away from the entrance don’t even take tickets. They take cash and it was easy. Easy peasy.

I got hungry and had a hard time deciding what I wanted. A lot of carbs everywhere. So I got a Fried Chicken Sandwich from Joseph Leonard. It was sticky, covered in honey. But really good after putting Sriracha on it. A thick breast of chicken. I liked it …even if it had carbs.

Since there’s real no place to wash your hands and a bottle of water is $3 —a good tip is to ask the beer stand for a piece of ice from the cooler. I got rid of all the stickiness from my fingers from that honey. Another good reason to go to those outer beer stands.

My sandwich was $12. Most everything was around $10ish at all the stands.

Going back Sunday. Blondie and Brownie are promoting their new book about NYC food carts then. Check them out.

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