I really can’t stop eating sushi and free hot sake. Todd and I went back out to Greenpoint to try another sushi/free sake place. We first went to Kyoto Sushi. They had a sign for free sake and Todd even called to confirm. But then I overheard that the table next to us were going to be charged for their second carafe. Turns out you only get one free. So we left. I think that couple were jealous that we left. For real, how do you think you can survive as a sushi restaurant in Greenpoint without free unlimited hot sake?

So we were about to go back to Sakura 6, but saw that Wasabi also had free sake. It turned out to be unlimited! They should really advertise it better online. It’s hard to find out which places are really free unlimited hot sake.

Wasabi didn’t have a sushi boat. So we got a Su-sa-ma Platter (for 2-3 people $49). It was a lot of food, but we somehow finished it.

They were very generous on refilling our hot sake. Even taking our half filled ones and filling it back up. Also generous on giving us wasabi when we asked for more. Looks like a broken off penis statue.

12 Wasabi Restaurant

On the menu, there was a Bedford and Greenpoint roll. Although I’m not sure what makes it Bedford and Greenpoint. Oh, the Greenpoint has avocado.

Wasabi - 638 Manhattan Ave (btwn Nassau Ave & Bedford Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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