We went to Cibao where I got that Cuban sandwich years ago. I feel like prices went up. Sandwiches are probably the best deal at around $6-8.

The Shrimp Cantonese was interesting. I wouldn’t thought they would have something like that on the menu. But it was surprisingly pretty good.

I got into a fight with Justin about whether to use flash or not on my camera. I used to be a proponent of non-flash food photos, but now I do a lot of flashing. I like the way it makes the photo look like an American Apparel ad. Also I don’t need to think and change settings and worry about the people waiting to eat the food. Plus it’s a lot sharper.

I took both flash and no flash. Okay in this case after I photoshopped them, no-flash turned out okay I guess. Sometimes you never know though. It wasn’t bright inside the restaurant and the original untouched images do look shitty.

I mean look how awesome these photos of Grilled Cheese I took at Subject bar earlier in the night…

07 Grilled Cheese - Subject Bar

I definitely couldn’t have gotten this shot without a flash. It would have been all blurry.

08 Grilled Cheese - Subject Bar

Cibao – 72 Clinton St (@ Rivington St) New York 10002

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