Shonali invited me to come with her to see The Joy Formidable at Webster Hall. So I asked her if she wanted get free sake before. She suggested Sake Bar Decibel, NYC’s first sake bar. Turned out to be the opposite of free sake. It’s pretty pricey. Small bottles start at around $18. But I guess better quality than free sake.

I brought Sam along. We all ordered some small plates of food, two small $22 bottles of sake and a $9 glass from a $99 bottle. I was whoa, $99? But then I saw how huge the bottle was. Okay $99 is actually a good deal.

I made sure to get a Nigori, unfiltered milky/cloudy sake. I liked it. Sweet.

My favorite thing was the Wasabi Shumai. They packed a punch up my nose. Sam and Shonali thought it was too hot. That’s weird thinking that it’s hot/spicy. I feel like Wasabi, Horseradish, and Hot Mustard should have a different term for their type of spiciness. Because I don’t think it’s spicy. It just fucks up your nose.

They forgot to get give us our edamame. So we asked about it, but made sure to let them know we already ordered as the guy was writing it down like it was a new order. Dang it. I just noticed they charged us twice from looking at the photo of the bill. I was too drunk to notice. Cry to my mommy about the edamame.

Other than the Edamame mishap, it was a pretty cool bar. Fun drinking and wasn’t so super expensive, for Pete’s sake.

Sake Bar Decibel – 240 E 9th St (btwn Stuyvesant St & 2nd Ave) New York, NY 10003

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