We left the Mets game early and went a couple of stops East to Flushing to get some food. I had already eaten the Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich and had dinner plans soon. So I didn’t get anything, but luckily still got to taste everyone’s food.

We went to the New World Mall food court. So many choices of Asian food. I noticed this time, there were a lot more plastic and styrofoam containers versus real bowls and plates. I couldn’t wait to see what everyone got.

Todd and Daniel split a big bowl at LaoMa MaLaTang. It ended up costing $28 at $8/lb. I asked why they got so much food? He said because the Chinese lady was an asshole and just grabbed a bunch of meat and put in the bowl. Now he thinks all Chinese people are mean assholes.

It was really good though. Beef, Chicken and vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy) cooked with mouth numbing spices. Really good. Just too much food. I saw two small girls sharing an even bigger bowl next to us. They were taking phone pics of it, obviously.

Sam and Dave got food at Conway BBQ. A BBQ Noodle Soup and a $5 Teriyaki Chicken with Rice. Much more affordable per person and pretty decent.

And the Matcha Green Tea was really tasty from Kung Fu Tea. Man, I would love to come back when I’m ready to eat a full meal.

New World Mall – 136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Ste 16. Flushing, NY 11354

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  1. tio wally

    “I saw two small girls sharing an even bigger bowl next to us. They were taking phone pics of it, obviously.” And you didn’t get a picture of it for your Hipsters Taking Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures …? D’oh!

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