Every Tuesday for the past few weeks, I’ve been going to Gyu-Kaku in Hell’s Kitchen for a quick beer before my acting class. They have a $6 Mega Beer (25oz of Kirin Draft sometimes in a icy cold mug). I’ve learned that one of those big beers is the perfect amount before a class. Anything more is like “whoa, what’s going on?” Although my teacher has asked me twice if I was drunk or on drugs.

The happy hour at the bar is until 7pm. You pretty much get everything 50% off. So most other regular sized beers are $3 or a Lychee Martini is $5.

They also have a happy hour food menu at the bar until 6pm. A lot of small plates to share. The Sukiyaki Bibimbap is pretty big though ($6). I didn’t finish it, but I was full on beer. They bring out a super hot stone clay bowl and mix up your Bibimbap. It got crispy. It was pretty decent. I love the presentation …although, I think I like my rice softer rather than crispy and stuck in my teeth.

Another time, I got a Ginger Chicken ($5). Pretty good pieces of fried breaded chicken cutlet with some ginger flavor.

I regret never have gotten the Gyu-Sliders. Those look good on the menu.

I’ve been here when it was crazy at the bar and other times when it was easy. But it’s a good place to get a happy hour drink and not be at a real bar. It helps me think I’m not an alcoholic.

Gyu-Kaku – 321 W 44th St (btw 9th & 8th Ave) New York, NY 10036

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  1. Sake

    For the traditional style I really like Sushi Huku, the atmosphere is better than Hayakawa and it is also full of Japanese people if this is what you are looking for.


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