They just opened up a Num Pang Sandwich shop in my work-hood (Flatiron area). They make Cambodian style sandwiches, which seem to be very similar to Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches for point of reference. The first time I walked by it was packed and the line was long. The guy handing out menus outside told me the line goes quick. I didn’t believe him and stood there staring at him.

So this time I came back with Sam and Chris and there were people, but not so packed. We walked in, turned around and instantly 15 people were behind us. It did go quick though. Even so much that right after I ordered, my food was ready. I couldn’t believe it. Sam was like “#230, that’s your number!” I didn’t believe him, but it was true. They must’ve had that sandwich ready already.

I ordered the Five-Spice Glazed Pork Belly sandwich (w/ Pickled Asian Pear $8.50). I took a little container of Sriracha hot sauce and waited for my friends to get their sandwiches and a corn on the cob. Dang, this sandwich was fantastic. I knew that they made pretty good sandwiches, but I was stunned how much I liked it. Definitely one of the best Banh Mi’s I’ve ever had. I don’t know, it was so good. Sam thought his pulled pork one was okay.

Sam had a good joke about about my waiting number. “What time do you go to the dentist? …Tooth-hurty!” Little did I know that that joke would manifest into real life. My tooth hurts like a mother fucker right now. Unrelated to the sandwich. Although baguettes always scratch up the roof of my mouth.

Num Pang Nomad – 1129 Broadway (btwn 26th & 25th St) New York, NY 10010

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